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The collections

Objects to know more about the history of the site

The Azeville Battery is not strictly speaking a museum: it’s a historic site of the Atlantic Wall and D-Day.

Collection visit

However, there are regular acquisitions. The collections now include around 400 items.

The acquisition policy aims to collect objects and documents that allow to create a rigorous historical discourse and develop our knowledge of the site and its history.

These collections cover three main themes:

  • the history of the battery from its construction to the present day,
  • civil and military life under the Occupation,
  • military architecture and the Atlantic Wall structures.

The collections include:

  • period military and civilian items
  • bunker equipment
  • a German concrete mixer from the Atlantic Wall
  • notebooks written by Hauptmann Hugo Treiber, the battery commander
  • photographs
  • paintings
  • objects found during archaeological digs on the site in 2018
  • models.

Apart from a shell head that can be seen on the tour, there are no weapons.

The archives of German Major Hugo Treiber

Parts of the collection come directly from Hugo Treiber’s personal archives. They were donated in 2011, 2021 and 2023 by his son, Hubert Treiber. This archive was studied by historian Valentin Schneider and compared with the German archives of the Todt Organisation in Berlin and the military archives in Freiburg.

Give a testimonial, make a donation

We are continuing to collect testimony relating to the memory of the Azeville battery site. They make it possible for us to enhance our knowledge and cross-reference our information. Do you think you have information about the site? Contact us on +33 (0)